Since 2000 ARTantide Gallery has based its corporate DNA on a system of shared values:


Faith (in oneself, to have steadfastness, and in others, to be able to work as a team)

Courage (to decide to act and not just contemplate)

Passion (to lead our actions in the direction we love most)

Creativity (to always be unique and inimitable)

Tenacity (because if we believe in what we do, we must never stop doing it)

Responsibility (to always act in the sense of common utility, to improve the planet)


Together with a group of enlightened artists, ARTantide Gallery founded in 2016 the Ethical Art Movement, a fluid project where the Social Responsibility of art is the common thread that unites artists and ideas even very different from each other, united in the desire to be protagonists of change through their work as artists and intellectuals.


On the value system has been written the Mission that tells how ARTantide Gallery lives them:


"Believing in the ability of human beings to look beyond the surface of ideas and things to reveal the deep meaning they contain, challenging the thoughts and utopias that arise to make them concrete, with responsibility and tenacity, in synergy with each team involved, in order to arouse attention to the deep values and emotions that lead us towards the continuous improvement of humanity."


Keeping faith with a Mission that becomes the solid base on which each project is founded, ARTantide Gallery has decided who it wants to become and has written in the Vision:


"To become the best incubators of artistic genius because they are capable of arousing ideas for change towards the betterment of the planet."


The company culture is also expressed in the Ethical Art Manifesto "Art Can"



ARTantide Gallery is, since 2021, the first Italian Gallery with zero emissions, thanks to its own planting project with the Tree-nation, organization, which gave us their hallmark. From 2023 is active the commitment to respect the compliance ESG.

ARTantide Gallery is a member of the GCC (Gallery Climate Coalition), since 2020.

We are pleased to announce that in 2022 we achieved Active Member status for our commitment and activities to improve our impact on the planet.




We collect even other trees coming from donations: Treebu, Tree-nation.

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