Art goes beyond the surface
Ethical Manifesto - Afran
9 August 2023
ESG Program
Company's commitment to the future of the planet
4 July 2023
Le Collezioni Aziendali curate da ARTantide Gallery
Fapin srl | Villa Meriggio
29 December 2022
The Company Collections curated by ARTantide Gallery
Ecology System | for a cleaner planet
22 July 2022
The Company Collections curated by ARTantide Gallery
Hengi | people at the center
22 July 2022
59. Biennale di Venezia - NFT Project
First official exhibition at the Venice Biennale
10 June 2022
The Times of the Chimeras
Press Release
1 June 2022
Official Archive for Marco Gradi
Reasoned Collection of the works for the preparation of the General Catalogs
22 February 2022
Cosmic life
Ethical Manifesto - Marica Moro
13 December 2021
The law il equal for all
Ethical Manifesto - Jorge R. Pombo
13 December 2021
Let's give the rivers their value back
Ethical Manifesto - Franco Mazzucchelli
13 December 2021
The creativity market
Ethical Manifesto - Marco Bertìn
12 December 2021
The architecture of ties
Ethical Manifesto - Matteo Mezzadri
12 December 2021
Bottom-Up Action: stitching the world
Ethical Manifesto - Luigi Dellatorre
12 December 2021
Ethical Manifesto - Carlo Bonfà
11 November 2021
The happy bubble
Ethical Manifesto - Gianfranco Gentile
11 November 2021
Ethical Manifesto - Alessandro Zannier
11 November 2021
The oli cycle
Ethical Manifesto - Marco Gradi
11 November 2021
Ethical Manifesto - Julia Bornefeld
29 September 2021
Animal Soul
Ethical Manifesto - Alberto Salvetti
29 September 2021
Ethical Art Manifesto
Art Can
29 September 2021
ENT1 - Entanglement
Alessandro Zannier |Italian Pavilion Event - Architecture Venice Biennale, 2021 | July 15th, 2021
21 June 2021
20 June 2021
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