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Ethical Manifesto of Luigi Dellatorre

Bottom-Up Action: stitching the world


We are aware that:

- The world needs unity, peace and wellbeing, shared among all its inhabitants, with the utmost respect for nature;

- The United Nations with Agenda 21 has led to the drafting of the 17 key sustainable development goals for the continuous and concrete improvement of the world and of humanity in the coming years;

- It is essential that all states, societies and individuals commit themselves to adopting every possible strategy for achieving the fulfilling of primary needs, and at the same time to aim at achieving the highest spiritual, ethical and cultural values for all human beings;

- In order to achieve these objectives, it is essential to pay particular attention to our planet, which urgently needs treatment, in order to reduce the injuries inflicted upon it by the senseless exploitation of resources.



We believe that:

- all the citizens of the world have the responsibility to act within their own strengths and possibilities in full freedom and with justice and to strive tenaciously in sharing and taking charge of the indispensable duty of safeguarding humanity and the planet;

- through art with its sensitivity, creativity and commitment and with a strong sense of social responsibility, we must stimulate people's awareness in order to generate a sparkling, creative and trusting climate that triggers open cultural processes for dialogue and to instill a profound sense of individual and global awareness;

- the humble and patient act of stitching together, both in a practical sense and in an emotional and relational sense, best exemplifies the metaphor of our tenacious will to act to unite and connect all that is divided and disconnected, as a daily "good practice";

- the act of sewing is the metaphor of change from below. Each of us can and must make a concrete contribution to global improvement, believing and acting in a small way, within the limitations of our own possibilities;

- the action of each corresponds to a drop in the ocean, but the sea is made of single drops. Millions of clean drops will give life to a clean sea.



We want to act:

- through “Cucire il Mondo” (stitching the world) an artistic project, so that the works of art produced: maps, paintings, installations, environmental sounds, performance and video, as well as testifying to our will to act with the power of social transformation of art, we strongly and concretely involve the public through multi-sensory experiences that produce strong emotions and deep reflections;

- so that through the real and symbolic stitching together of the world (evident in the canvas paintings, a symbol of popular modernity) we manifest our absolute certainty that ethics in art can activate a productive energy that makes us more aware, harmonious and serene in our intimate lives and in relationships with those people who know and value this;

- so that the works and exhibitions of the “Cucire il Mondo” (stitching the world) project are characterized as effective instruments of education, sensitization and diffusion of a solid active awareness of our being towards the world and in the world.

Bottom-up action means believing in the butterfly effect of the chaos theory, which says: "The beating of wings of a butterfly in Tokyo could cause a hurricane in New York". In other words, every little gesture of improvement of each of us can affect and be the engine of change. Gallery and Luigi Dellatorre strongly believe that each of us has concrete power through our small daily actions and the weaving and sewing of healthy relationships to truly change our planet.



Last Museal Projects


2022 | Utopiche Cuciture, Civic Museum, Sforzesco Castle, Vigevano (Italy)



2021 | Il Viaggio: tra Scoperta e Verità, Museo Diocesano di Vicenza (Italy)



2020 | ARTEOLOGIA - Oltre l'Etica, Archeological Museum of Vicenza (Italy)



2019 | Oltre l'Etica, Paranaense Museum, 14th International Biennale of Curitiba (Brasil)



2018 | ARTEOLOGIA, National Archeological Museum of Venice




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