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Ethical Manifesto of Marica Moro

Cosmic life


We are aware that

Thanks to the recent astronomical discoveries of gravitational waves and the identification of new planets very similar to ours, life is the result of a series of randomness and cause and effect relationships and that human and terrestrial life may not be an exception of our planet;

according to the theory of the Italian physicist and director of the ICRANet (International Center for Relativistic Astrophysics Network) Remo Ruffini, for which every clash between stars generates a mutation of the DNA, which doubles generating other DNA sequences, life is a fortuitous circumstance and each individual is the result of consequences far from his will, even being governed by continual cosmic transformations;

every clash between stars, like every great change in the universe, is due to gravitational force, that, among all the forces, is apparently weaker but is actually by far the most powerful;

life is not a peculiar characteristic of humanity and we should not underestimate other species, which also have specific characteristics, indispensable for the ecosystem in which we are inserted.




We believe that

Man must exploit his dowry, his thought, through science, to understand the laws that regulate life to gain greater awareness of our role in the Universe and appreciate and respect life and the places that host it without discrimination;

Life is the consequence of infinite randomness and it’s a “gift” that characterizes us and, for this reason, it should not be wasted, but should be exploited to the best to increase and optimize the condition of life of all those who participate, through science and progress;

Art is the best means to disseminate these discoveries, synthesizing complex scientific concepts into easy and immediate figures that can intrigue the viewer and make him reflect on these themes;

Man is the only living being on Earth with a very developed brain who is capable of conceiving the future and understanding the goals to be achieved thanks to scientific research and for this reason we should work on protecting our planet.



We intend to act

Through art and the simplification of concepts, to valorize the scientific discoveries too often

ignored for the difficulty with which they are disclosed; So that the artist becomes a spokesperson for the problems of his time and interprets progress through the interaction between science and art; Through figurative art, in order to create a constructive dialogue to discover with the scientific world an ethical sense in the study of human evolution and of the universe and its progressive changes. Gallery and Marica Moro engage in a series of exhibition projects to disseminate the ethical content of the manifesto and educate visitors to develop a vision of social responsibility in which everyone acts with awareness to improve themselves and the world that hosts them.



Last Museal Projects



2022 | Alem da Etica, Museo "De Arte de Blumenau". Blumenau, Brasil



2021 | XIII Florence Biennale, Fortezza da Basso, Florence



2019 | Oltre l'Etica, Paranaense Museum, 14th International Biennale of Curitiba (Brasil)



2019 | Mental Recycling, Science Gallery Venice, Polo San Giobbe, Ca' Foscari University, Venice



2018 | ARTEOLOGIA, National Archeological Museum of Venice



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