Official Archive for Marco Gradi

We accept only digital photos, but always professional one and with an high resolution (longer side: 2400 pixels minimum or 20 cm at 300 dpi), jpg or tif, delivered on CD-ROM.

The Headquarters where to send the material are
EBLand Srl
Via Germania 14
37136 Verona (Italy)
Tel (+39) 045 8622389, Fax (+39) 045 4852047

The cost of filing of every artwork is 200,00 € + VAT, from the 1st of January 2009, independently of the type and of the size of the artwork and it's directed only to cover the administrative costs of insertion of the images and the data into the information archive and of production and sending of all filing documents.

EBLand Srl is the only society officially nominated to control the General Archive of Marco Gradi.

All the collectors, the galleries, the auction houses and all the market operators must refer to EBLand Srl for all the artworks they have. The responsibles of the archive are available for every eventual explanation or information.

The General Archive follows the archiviation and the authenticity files of the artworks that doesn't have any certification, presenting every works directly to the author. Only the artworks recognized by the artist or the authorized people as original works will be able to be recorded into the General Archive. The documentation of filing will be even valid as authentication's certificate.

The necessary documentation to require an insertion of an artwork into the General Archives is the following material:

1 professional color photos (if present, add a photo with the frame);
1 professional color photo of the artwork's rear;
A copy of the front and of the rear of the Certificate of Authenticity, if already exits;
Artwork data: technique, size, year and eventually title;
Artwork history: possibile exhibitions and publications;
Personal data of the present owner or of the agent that looks after the filing.

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