Enter the world of NFT on the right foot, passing through the main door: La Biennale di Venezia.


The first official exhibition of NFT artworks in history at the Venice Biennale is the project presented at the National Pavilion of Cameroon, with the title The Times of the Chimeras. The innovative choice of the Pavilion, made thanks to the foresight of the curators and the support of an International Scientific Committee (GCA DAO), was guided by the belief that Africa could be the continent most interested in the development of new technologies that give to young African entrepreneurs opportunities otherwise unavailable in the traditional economy.



The result was extraordinary: a group of 30 international artists (4 Cameroonian) who explored the NFT world with a new intention with respect to the purely speculative attitude that saw the birth of this emerging digital art. Many of them already active in the NFT sector, others in their first experience, all guided by the scientific committee and by the curators who followed the quality of every single project and series presented.



The exhibition, which can be visited free of charge at the Palazzo Ca 'Bernardo Molon, near Campo San Polo in Venice, remains open until November 27, 2022 and is a real work in progress laboratory, where the new NFTs, belonging to the projects presented in the national pavilion, are gradually added to those already visible on the monitors exhibited at the show, until the exhibition is completed before the closing of the 59th Venice Biennale.


Throughout the work in progress phase, the exhibition has mainly cultural and in-depth purposes, and can be visited in its completion process both live in the pavilion and on the dedicated website timesofchimeras.io. A second phase of launch on the free market will soon start, where all collectors will be able to purchase the NFTs available for sale.



To have the privilege of being included first among the collectors who will be able to purchase the NFTs of the first historical exhibition at the Venice Biennale, you can join the Golden List of the GCA DAO community, purchasing from 1 to a maximum of 5 NFTs of the MetaEpica "guiding project" , by Marina Nuñez and filling out the confidential form (it is essential to select "Paolo Mozzo" as referrer). The price is favorable (0.15 ETH each, half the price they will have at the time of the public launch) and therefore it is advisable to buy all 5 NFTs that are made available as a maximum number for each collector. Through this first purchase, we ensure the right to be the first on the waiting lists for the purchase of the NFTs of the next international projects, to have the right to buy for first the NFTs of the Biennale and at a favorable price, to be invited to international events organized by the GCA DAO, to cast a vote for the approval of future GCA DAO projects and a series of additional privileges that will be reserved for these collectors.

Furthermore, most of the chairs still available to sit on the board of the GCA DAO, which are only about sixty, will be assigned mostly to members of the Golden List.


In order to join these projects, it is necessary to take a first step into the world of cryptocurrencies, opening your own personal wallet or exchange account (a kind of online account of cryptocurrency), using one of the numerous platforms available. We recommend as a wallet to open Metamask or BitKeep (among the sponsors of the pavilion) and/or alternatively Coinbase to facilitate conversions between cryptocurrencies and currencies (such as Euros and Dollars), but you can also choose other solutions, such as Binance, for example.

But if it is too complicated for you to open a wallet quickly, write immediately to paolo.mozzo@ebland.it to get all the support you need to join the project with the necessary speed and be subsequently supported for opening your cryptocurrency account, safe and guaranteed. In this first phase, for the small payments necessary for the purchase of NFTs and access to the privileges of the GCA DAO, it will be possible to manage all the traditional payment methods: bank transfer, credit card, Pay Pal and even cash (given the limited amount of the amounts, within the legal limits).


We are still at the beginning of an extraordinary digital revolution and this is the right time to get on the official band of the first forward-looking collectors who want to take advantage of the unique opportunity to be part of the international group of crypto-collectors owners of the first NFTs in the history presented at the Biennale of Venice, bought at the minimum of their cost. Those who had the intuition to believe in Bitcoins, buying them at the beginning of their introduction on the market, went bingo; those who came later, collected the crumbs or even were disappointed by new cryptocurrencies built only in the wake of the previous ones. Buying the first NFTs of the Venice Biennale now will no longer be repeatable under the same conditions.

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