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Ecology System | for a cleaner planet


Ecology System is a company founded on a few precise values: responsibility, reliability and excellence. The company cares and rewards people considering them the main value it possesses and the management has found it natural to include art in social spaces as a stimulus to create a better climate. Ecology System is a leading company in the treatment of waste and its transformation into energy or new materials.



In the main meeting room, a work by Gianfranco Gentile (Senza Stato, pastels on recycled corrugated cardboard) was chosen, an artist of the Ethical Art Movement who sets much of his work on environmental issues, often starting from the concept of recycling as an indispensable attitude for each of us to constantly improve the planet. The figurative theme of the work is a reinterpretation of the famous Quarto Stato painting, by Pellizza da Volpedo, where the protagonists of the artwork are however animals; stateless, without rights and without protection of their habitat, many now hopelessly destined for extinction. Behind them the oil drills stand out threateningly symbolizing the inexorable responsibility of fossil fuels, at the base of climate change.

This painting is a constant stimulus for the people of Ecology System to commit to pursuing an objective well summarized in the corporate mission: we want to leave the world better than we found it.



At the end of the main corridor we see an unexpected installation; approaching one perceives that each of the elements that constitute it is a sort of pointed arrow, supported by a support fixed to the wall. Each element was placed by the artist and his assistants in such a way that the work as a whole symbolized a battleground, in a sort of all againts all.

Carlo Bonfà, the author of the installation The fighters, (also belonging to the Ethical Art Movement and deeply linked to the idea of ​​canceling all wars on the planet), uses provocation to send a message in reverse (a bit like the proofs by absurdity that we learned in mathematics). In a space where individuals do not collaborate with each other (each fights against everyone, aiming only in their own direction), the people of Ecology System are encouraged not to give up looking out, knowing that the market is always in turmoil, while they are pushed to putting order within the company, fully aware that success is only achieved by rowing everyone in the same direction, growing and collaborating in perfect synergy.



The far-sightedness of the Ecology System property is a sign of great vision and strong sensitivity, able to take care of its collaborators by involving them also through art and stimulating them to always think creatively. The road has just begun.

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