ESG Program 2024 of ARTantide Gallery | EBLand Srl


Actions taken
- Procurement of electricity only from certified renewable sources
- In hot periods, use of fans and not of air conditioners
- In the cold months, reduction of the boiler ignition period to the indispensable minimum
- Implementation of an eco-driving policy with self-limitation of the maximum speed on the haighway to 110 km/h for vehicles driven on company trips (personal cars and rental vans), with a reduction in CO2 emissions of around 15% compared to the usual and permitted speed of 130 km/h
- Separate collection and correct disposal of waste (including organic waste collection)
- Recycling policy for internal re-use of paper and plastic packaging of the artworks, reused at most before being properly disposed of
- For the printer we use recycled paper for the most part and, when glossy or special cardboard is needed, paper that is FSC certified
- Calculation of CO2 emissions released into the environment by company activity and employees for work-related activities and compensation by planting with certified international companies carried out every year
- Calculation, according to international GHG standards, of the CO2 emissions into the environment released from the production and delivery of each of the works of art sold and compensation through certified planting with relative issue of a Net Zero certificate until delivery to the customer
- Only compostable capsules, glasses, cups and spoons will be used in the space dedicated to coffee

- Since 2023, we produce books and catalogs exclusively with recycled paper or, in any case, with FSC certification.

- In December 2023, the first educational activity took place towards the artists of the Arte Etica Movement, encouraging them to implement environmental-friendly policies and urging them to inquire about the ESG programs followed by their suppliers of colors, paints, pastels, papers, canvases, frames, glass, equipment, etc., and how they can certify them.

- Replacement of all internal lighting with LED lamps


Scheduled Actions
- Starting from the 2024, only "green" products will be used to clean the bathrooms and the rest of the company and the use of personal towels will be instituted in the bathrooms instead of disposable paper (only available to customers)
- Once a year, educational activities will be scheduled for the artists of the Ethical Art Movement, so that they implement policies of respect for the environment and ask their suppliers for colors, pigments, pastels, papers, canvases, frames, glass, equipments, etc... which ESG programs they follow and how they can certify them
- By the end of 2024, educational activities are planned for suppliers, so that they implement ESG policies and ask sub-suppliers which ESG programs they follow and how they can certify them
Actions taken
- Creation of exhibitions and events in non-commercial environments, intended to educate a wider audience on the social themes than the one that usually attends exhibitions and art events:
2015 donation of a work to the obstetrics department of the Sant'Anna Hospital in Turin
2016 - 2019 cycle of 8 exhibitions at the Civil Hospital of Sassuolo
2017 meetings with the artists in the self-management programs of the Messedaglia high school in Verona
2019 exhibition in the spaces of San Giobbe at the Ca' Foscari University of Venice with the Science Gallery
2007 event in collaboration with AMREF, with items offered for fundraising
2016 exhibition sponsored by Emergency, with a donation of a percentage of the proceeds
- All the exhibitions of the Ethical Art Movement deal with social themes, reported in the educational plans and in the exhibition books, intended for visitors: peace, social inclusion, marginalization, economy, justice...
2023 art exhibition for the fiftieth anniversary celebrations at Liceo Quadri in Vicenza
- Collaboration with some ONLUS
Scheduled Actions
- Starting from January 2025, for each future exhibition, identify a non-profit organization linked to the main topics covered and allocate to it a percentage of the proceeds to be established from time to time
- Starting from January 2025, creation of courses (also in webinar format) for the dissemination of ESG culture among the company's collector customers
Actions taken
- Allocation of at least 20% of working time to training and internal self-training for company personnel
- We are increasing the number of days in which, for the lunch break, collaborators leave the company by bicycle instead of by car
Scheduled Actions
- Starting from January 2025, implementation of an incentive plan for virtuous behavior in the ESG field by employees, both within the company and in their daily lives


Updated to January 2024
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