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Tempora | Family. Estate. Business.


The Tempora studio places itself at the center of the interest of families, taking care of all aspects of assets and family businesses, with a strong specialization in the sector.



Attention to detail, attention to people's needs blends perfectly with the company's taste for art that is sensitive to changes in society and the planet. For this reason, the emblematic work of Luigi Dellatorre, artist of the Ethical Art Movement (Stich the world #149, Stitching missing, 2020, Mixed technique on jeans canvas), which talks about how to sew solid relationships to have a golden world in the future, it is the symbolic work around which the collection revolves.



The choice of a work by Alberto Salvetti, protagonist in 2019 at the 14th edition of the Curitiba Biennial in Brazil, underlines Tempora's attitude to solidity, to heritage, like that of an artist who uses earth and ceramics to tell his stories dedicated to safeguarding the environment (the greatest heritage that each of us shares with the rest of humanity), stories often experienced firsthand, determined to put his face to it, as Tempora consultants are used to doing.



Gianfranco Gentile, also belonging to the Ethical Art Movement like the two previous artists, was chosen for his aptitude for working with industrial archaeology, synonymous with attention to the history of the companies that contributed to forming the territory and the social fabric of the our cities; the work presented in the common spaces (Ex lanificio Tiberghien) tells of a story that has marked the city of Verona in a positive sense, revisited in metaphysical terms. Tempora demonstrates through art the ability to support companies in defense, helping to extend their success story.



Art and Beauty travel together in the Tempora offices, because elegance and refinement of taste dwell exactly where sensitivity, intuition and competence are expressed at their highest level.

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