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Professional Link | Connections beyond connectivity


There is truly something inspiring about the vision of Professional Link, as it speaks of frontiers that need to be crossed, humanity's values, and the endless possibilities that technology can offer.



The artwork of Chinese artist Ji Zi, observed within the executive meeting room, fully embodies the gaze fixed upon a distant landscape, a world suspended between clouds and mountains that does not intimidate the corporate staff but rather stimulates them to strive even more to conquer, with technology, the most coveted peaks for the growth of their clients' business.



The Management has chosen to display in the company an artwork by Matteo Mezzadri, an artist associated with the Ethical Art Movement, from the series Materia Oscura - David. This photograph captures the explosive energy of an incredibly dynamic and creative mind, but Michelangelo's David's eye reminds the viewer that beauty in all its facets and nuances should be revered, even at work.



Angéle Etoundi Essamba highlights how the payoff of the company (connections beyond connectivity) is crucial for its employees. Connections beyond connectivity means attention to collaborators, customer care, collaboration with suppliers – in short, attention to human relationships. This resonates with the photographic work exhibited at the 59th Venice Biennale (titled A-Fil-liation), in which a foreign woman holds a marvelous tangle of interconnected threads all stemming from her head, a magnificent metaphor for social inclusion.



Afran's (Francis Nathan Abiamba) artwork, featured at the 59th Venice Biennale, explores communication and information within an open and efficient telecommunications company. Yet, it emphasizes that the use of technology, in the hands of humans, can be either virtuous or dangerous. The wonder of technology can reach its maximum expression only if the people governing it can manage it in the right way and direction.



Upon entering and exiting Professional Link's offices, there is a piece by Alessandro Zannier (also part of the Ethical Art Movement) from the Entanglement series, entitled Hyperobject Still Life. Presented for the first time at CNR - ISMAR in Venice, the artwork illustrates how global intertwining is all-pervasive, and any human action has worldwide consequences. The work serves as a warning to always act with a great sense of responsibility.



A company that has technology as its main business but draws inspiration from the art world is today the epitome of the modernity and refinement one can expect from a telecommunications operator. There are very few companies like Professional Link that actively pursue this vision.

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