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SDG Group | Insight beyond analytics


SDG Group was founded to be the best support for companies that want to maximize efficiency by exploiting corporate data, helping them to overcome seemingly impossible challenges, such as the one of the "boxer" Li Wei depicted about to fall in the photo behind the executive office of the Verona headquarters.



In line with its focus on the digital sphere as strategic for business development, SDG Group has chosen the works of Vince for its meeting rooms, created with fully digital painting, with an expressionist taste where figuration and abstraction are wonderfully juxtaposed in a fascinating balance.



This balance is essential for SDG Group consultants to be able to manage the interests of their customers in the best possible way in an increasingly turbulent and shaken market by violent shock.



This balance is also evidenced by the works of Li Wei, who in the other meeting rooms propose surreal anti-gravitational situations, created in European cities that host SDG Group's international headquarters, emphasizing the attention to people, processes and performance (even the most complex).



SDG Group shows its sensitivity to art, considered the highest production of human ingenuity, highlighting the high-quality approach to the key points of support to companies: Strategy, Decision, Governance.



An evolved partner like SDG Group knows how to combine technology, competence and innovation with sensitivity, drawing inspiration from art to revive creativity and beauty that make specific knowledge magical.

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