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The Piccoli Sergio & C. Srl company is a company that focuses on customer service, aiming at attention that revolves around 360°, starting from the care of employees, the relationship with suppliers and the attention to ESG compliance.



The management has decided to place in the meeting room a work by Jorge R. Pombo (Variation 1 on the Massacre of the Innocents by Tintoretto, Oil on canvas), an artist of the Ethical Art Movement, chosen from the series prepared in 2018 by the artist and dedicated to the work "The Massacre of the Innocents" by Tintoretto, to underline the commitment to integrity, fairness and respect. In fact, the work is inspired by the Renaissance masterpiece to bring the observer's attention back to the theme of justice.



A theme dear to the artist and reported in his ethical manifesto (The law is equal for all); to better involve employees in this kind of sensitivity, the company has also placed another great work by the artist in the company offices.



Malipiero, whose artworks have been too placed in the company offices, was chosen to stimulate creativity, through the proposal of POP works that optically mix famous characters from the cinema or comics, encouraging a multi-surface vision and stimulating observers to see things from multiple points of view, including business matters, getting used to thinking with an open mind and a lateral view.



In line with the aforementioned stimuli, a work by Malipiero has also been placed in the executive offices, where even a piece by Alessandro Zannier, from the "Entanglement" series, titled Hyperobject Still Life, belonging to the Ethical Art Movement, has been exhibited. The artwork draws inspiration from the phenomenon whereby any action taken in a place (such as in the company) can have repercussions at great speed untill to the antipodes; the suggestion for collaborators is to always act with the utmost responsibility and awareness, to ensure that every repercussion is positive, especially in environmental terms.



To enrich the works placed in the executive offices, there is a beautiful photograph by Matteo Mezzadri, an artist of the Ethical Art Movement, depicting the explosion of a statue of the Venus de Milo (La Materia Oscura - Venus). The artwork reminds the observer of the importance of Culture (and the serious damage that all of humanity suffers in losing even a small part of it); the message that the company conveys to stakeholders is how fundamental adherence to corporate culture is felt, an ethical beacon for each collaborator, to involve people in always rowing in the same shared direction.



Finally, an artwork by Luigi Dellatorre, from the Cucire il mondo (Sewing the world) series, completes the setup of the executive offices, embodying the pinnacle of the company's social attitude. With this fantasy map created by the artist, the company aims to communicate its attention to local and global society and the desire to "sew" corporate interests to those of civil society, contributing to the improvement of the planet.



The attention to the customer of Piccoli Sergio & C. Srl is not just a slogan, it is a real Mission, a way of being, which is experienced as a phenomenon of great internal harmony, in order to be able to express beauty towards the outside and be perceived as a company that provides quality and service with great added value.

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