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Truzzi SpA is a company that, in order to achieve its goals, is based on a fundamental principle around which its entire philosophy revolves and from which its corporate values arise: respect.

Respect for one's own identity, respect for the community to which one belongs, and respect for one's own culture. Respect is understood precisely as responsibility, meaning the ability to respond to problems, but also the ability to take charge of people, because the company is first and foremost a community.



In the ground-floor meeting room, a work by Marco Bertìn (In case of War - David di Michelangelo, acrylic on plaster bust) has been chosen. Bertìn is an artist of the Ethical Art Movement who, with this work, touches on the theme of respect for art and culture, in line with the company's principles.

The artist offers the visitor a provocation, addressing the issue of the destruction of works of art in cases of war and conflict (we have all witnessed in recent years the devastation of museums and statues in Palmyra by ISIS, but in the recent Second World War the bombing of Dresden produced far worse damage). Such destruction is not only a lack of respect for the vanquished, but also for all of humanity, which is deprived of goods that are the heritage of all human beings. With subtle irony, the artist paints the statue in a mimetic way, hypothesizing hiding it in the woods to preserve its integrity (so much so that no one will ever bomb a woods). The company message is: let us respect art and culture in order to respect ourselves and our values.



Also in the meeting room, a map by Luigi Dellatorre from the series Cucire il mondo (Sewing the World) has been installed. Dellatorre is also a member of the Ethical Art Movement. The concept on which the artist works, applying acrylics and stitching to denim canvases treated in different ways, is linked to the idea that today humanity has geographically discovered every corner of our planet. The era of navigators is over; thanks to satellites, we are able to see even the smallest island in the ocean.

So it is time to ask ourselves what to do from now on? What kind of future do we want to design for ourselves? What new social maps will define our global relations? The artist's intention is to push people to think about how to build a new well-being, exactly as Truzzi SpA aims to do when it thinks and designs a new work environment, aimed at offering maximum social and environmental well-being to its customers, who will live it for work and for growth.



The Truzzi SpA management looks far ahead, sensitively and tastefully picking up on the elements that help people grow both in their technical skills, which serve to improve the quality of products and services, and in their soft skills, which serve to improve their vision of the world.

Working at Truzzi SpA means guaranteeing equal rights and equal dignity, basing relationships on mutual trust and respect and aiming for long-lasting relationships, which give individuals the opportunity to grow on a personal as well as professional side.

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