"ENT1" - Events Italian Pavilion, Biennale Architecture Venice 2021 | July 15th, 2021

Musical performance with permanent installation - Ethical Art Movement


Alessandro Zannier's musical performance (of which you can see a short preview held at the CNR ISMAR institute at the North Arsenal in Venice), is connected to the permanent installation that from July 15th, 2021 will be on view at the Italian Pavilion of the Venice Architecture Biennale.



The artwork "ENT1" (with the same title as the performance of the event) involves the connection of pairs of antenna-obelisk made of modified polished and opaque Plexiglas, installed in two remote places in the world.

In this first project Italy (Arsenale di Venezia, Biennale di Architettura, Padiglione Italia) and New Zealand (Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, The University of Auckland) with the production of ARTantide Gallery, within the institutional projects of Ethical Art Movement.

The two antennas dialogue locally with a monitor or a projector showing a data stream graphically and artistically reworked according to Alessandro Zannier's instructions.



The two twin artworks exchange a traffic of statistical and environmental data, carefully chosen, coming from their respective locations at the antipodes, sorted in a cloud on the web and re-transmitted to the other side of the world, where they are encoded in suggestive images and graphs in continuous fluctuation, as the data flow changes.


Following this link you can see an example of video: https://ent-client.web.app


This variation of the impulses will not only create spectacular reticular shapes that can be displayed on a monitor or on the wall, but will also vary the luminous intensity of the obelisk itself at the same time.

The appearance that these encoded data are inspired by web networks, suggesting an analogy with circulatory or neural apparatuses of living organisms.


As the word "Entanglement" suggests (intertwining, tangle, in the phenomenon of quantum physics), the network of data in continuous mutation, will show how unconsciously the "human swarm" that populates the Earth, now communicates incessantly through dense synapses or transmission filaments, as do the cells and all departments of a single organism or a brain on a global scale.


The "hyperobject" (using a word dear to the writer-philosopher Timothy Morton) of human society, which develops not only in geographical extension, as a colony, but also in space-time with a vast series of phenomena, actually acts in an extra dimension, superior to ours, a fifth dimension that without the codification in fluid forms by technology, would not have been possible to observe: the dimension of phenomena on a large scale.


The fluctuating biological-neural form transmitted in the monitor in dialogue with the obelisk, the result of encoding remote information (such as pollution or mortality rates or contagion or particulate matter or noise pollution in water, transmitted from New Zealand), would thus suggest that we are a global organism in which population and sorting centers function as ganglia and the web, satellite links, air and road routes, energy, as nerves, veins and arteries.



The artist creates large canvases (150 x 150 cm each) taking inspiration from the video-frames of these forms in continuous spectacular morphological mutation, a brush portrait of the organism of encoded and revealed human data, introducing in fact a new concept of "hyper-objects still life" or hyper-organisms until now never immortalized by painting.


The paintings are made with acrylics, bitumen and other substances that are toxic to the seas and the environment and are often found in large quantities concentrated in garbage-patches, floating continents of microplastics and waste.

The environment and the interweaving of the human organism-society, painted by the artist, is instantly pervaded by poisons, viruses, toxic substances on a global scale and therefore the use of these pigments denounces the "contaminated" state of the entire organism, hoping for the intervention of antidotes that can act just as quickly, creating a world with a new collective ethics.


The first canvases made are exhibited in an event generated by the project of the Biennale, in collaboration with the CNR ISMAR, displayed in the beautiful headquarters of the institute at the North Arsenal in Venice.



In the same location was held a musical performance taken from the latest album of the artist, entitled Entanglement; the song played is the homonymous one.



Four events belonging to the same project are incoming, one with Europa Cultural Center, in Venice, an exhibition with the Ethical Art Movement at the Diocesan Museum of Vicenza (entitled Il Viaggio: tra scoperta e verità, from September 3, 2021), an exhibition at the Musei Civici of Vittorio Veneto (TV) with a concert at Da Ponte Theater and a participation in the international exhibition "Destinazioni" at the Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa.


From July 16, 2021 on display another 8 canvases and some drawings at the exhibition "Un tenue Punto blu", at ARTantide Gallery, Verona (Via Messedaglia, 7 - 37135, info@artantide.com).


[Alessandro Zannier, Visual artist, musician-composer, performer and curator, belonging to the Ethical Art Movement]

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