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Ethical Manifesto of Carlo Bonfà



We are aware that

Wars always and inevitably create many civilian victims (always growing, from 50% of the First World War to 60% of the Second, after which percentages tragically grown to today’s terrible average of 90%), which nowadays are many more than the military ones, adding to the drama of every war the mockery of envolving people who undergo a conflict they never desired;

the number of injured, more or less serious, many of whom with permanent damages, both physical and psychological, is on average at least three times higher than the number of victims;

the war-generated psycho-physical consequences on people last for decades and over generations, also because of countless unexploded ordnance (underwater bombs, plane bombs, landmines, toy mines, etc.) that can kill or hurt many years after the end of the conflicts, mutilating people, even in peacetime;

the enormous majority of the populations and ethnic groups at war do not have weapon factories, which are characteristic of the so-called civil countries, that do not hesitate to provide arms to many of those peoples who, after turning them against themselves, often revolt against the same supplier countries, demonstrating that those who create and distribute violence, receive violence sooner or later;

if tomorrow a total war would completely obliterate humanity or the whole life from the face of the Earth, there would be no significant reaction of interest or pity in the universe.

What’s the real reason we go on killing each other?



We believe that

The true movement of change for a better future of mankind passes through achieving the extraordinary goal of the abolition of wars, as they are an absolute crime against humanity;

that arms race for ethnic, geopolitical, socio-religious or simply criminal conflicts should be stopped and the spread of arms blocked, to push people to dialectical confrontation, mutual understanding and ideological tolerance;

weapons represent a false instrument of power, to be replaced with culture, art, science and an equal and widespread progress that can respect the United Nations’ goals of building a future in which every human being can have a dignified life.




We want to act with contemporary art with the idea of giving wars the only meritorious place, that of history (now inevitable and past) and of cultural contexts, creating unnecessary and useless weapons and war machines that can remind the sufferings that they would cause to people if they were working and employed in conflicts and that can be appreciated for the only value they can have: the aesthetic one;

ethics and aesthetics blend in Carlo Bonfà’s projects to give a new meaning to Fëdor Dostoevskij’s famous phrase “Beauty will save the world”; in fact, if weapons of every kind and shape were built only to admire their beauty, without ever being used because useless, we would drastically reduce the pain and suffering of men caused by the wars. and Carlo Bonfà believe that the strategy of spreading ethical thinking for the abolition

of war is a significant step forward towards a better world.


Verona, August 24, 2016



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